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People of the Earth have used plants for healing physical, emotional, and spiritual dilemas for as long as we have gathered our sustinence from the soil. Herbs not only provide medicine, but also key nourishment for our survival. Remember, herbal remedies are not a quick-fix-take-your-pill cure, but rather a lifestyle choice that can help the individual take more control of their health. 

We bring you a wide range of products derived from our Mother Earth including...

  • bulk herbs
  • bulk teas
  • cooking spices
  • Chinese herbs
  • Ayurvedic herbs
  • aromatherapy
  • baths & scrubs
  • salves & natural pet care
  • soapmaking & carrier oils
  • bottles
  • flower essence blends
  • tinctures
  • candles

Blue Flag

Blue Flag can be quite toxic if not taken as prescribed by an herbalist. It is most commonly used in very small dosages for flues.


Horsetail is full of silica and is often used to strengthen hair, nails, and bones.

False Soloman

False Soloman's Seal root is an effective demulcent and expectorant for lung infections and sore throats.


Cleavers is an antimicrobial often used for bladder infections.


Dandelion is known as a very brave herb because it returns each year to our gardens with relish and a good disposition. It is also beneficial for the liver.


Strawberry is a mild astringent and is therefore useful for pregnancy and mild stomach upsets with accompanying diarrhea.

Cats Paw

Cats Paw is for liver inflammation and is helpful for recurring bouts with hepatitis.


Violet has little effect as a medicine but makes a soothing tea for nervous conditions.

Oregon Grape Root

Oregon Grape Root is primarily esteemed for its berberine content and is useful for liver conditions.


Potentilla is a member of the rose family and is useful for relieving inflammation. It is an astringent and is useful for sore throats.

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